I find it very interesting how we tend to say I love you to people even when we really don’t interact or like them much.
I’m studying a series that teaches us to love like Jesus..
But when we say I love you and dont mean it then takes away the meaning..
How can u believe it when it’s tossed around lightly?


Struggling with feeling like everything I thought is just a facade..
….meaningless words…

So me…


I get so caught up in being there for everyone else that I don’t realize how overwhelmed I have actually become until I am on the verge of losing it.
It is Soooooooo very easy for me to keep doing and doing until I want to break something or I been down and cry because I am completely drowning.
And I have a very bad habit of holding things in and getting more upset because no one notices, and then BAMMM
I lose it and it becomes a mess.. People’s feelings get hurt and then I feel like a huge POS!
AFTER all the years you would think that I would find it easier to just put my foot down and say no…
And well I don’t because I don’t like confrontation.. Go figure??
Stems from alot of guilt, but I’ll get into that another day
Enough rambling for now