A must read- Burying The Honeysuckle Girls

Emily Carpenter has opened my world to a new genre. this book is listed under Occult Fiction and let me tell you, this is a complete riveting read.

From beginning to end I did not want to put it down, I was sucked in Atheas world and it felt as if I were experiencing it with her. The characters really jumped out to life. I felt her pain, her happiness and her fears.

I am not one to write spoilers so all I can tell you is do yourself a favor and read this one. I am looking to read more of this amazing authors books. She didn’t disappoint.

I dropped a link where to buy the book.


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A girls best friend

I love how leggings fit, how buttery soft and comfortable they are. 
Whether it's for lounging, working out or out and about they are the most comfortable. 
Also love how they aren't size biased, any size can basically fit them... As a woman with some extra extra EXTRA curves the fact that I can wear these doing anything I want is awesome. 
And I don't care about nay sayers. 
I'd love to hear you about how you feel about leggings.. 
Drop a comment and let's engage... IMG_20180111_161951_345


I find it very interesting how we tend to say I love you to people even when we really don’t interact or like them much.
I’m studying a series that teaches us to love like Jesus..
But when we say I love you and dont mean it then takes away the meaning..
How can u believe it when it’s tossed around lightly?


Struggling with feeling like everything I thought is just a facade..
….meaningless words…